Author / Slam Poet based in St. Petersburg, FL


Live performance at The Studio@620

Stephanie Sarkissian, better known simply as "Steph" is an author and slam poet based in St. Petersburg, FL.

She has been writing and performing poetry since 2016. Her debut publication, A Trip Around the Sun, is a fusion of poetry and photography. The book gives a "day in the life" glimpse into the ups and downs of a relationship over the course of a year, culminating in the healing process after a break-up.

Steph connects with her audience using powerful imagery, musical rhyme schemes, and humorous spins on painful moments with one ultimate goal - healing.

Steph is an active member of St. Pete's spoken word community. When she isn't writing, you can find her performing live alongside the city's premiere poets at the Studio@620 and other local venues.